Too often there is little consideration given to how a divorce settlement will impact the expected family contribution (EFC) and potential financial aid. How to Use 529 Plans andESAs for College How you use 529 plans and education savings accounts (ESAs) will depend on a number factors. First among these is the type of school your sons will be applying to because of the type of financial aid form that may be needed. Answering this question will provide the framework on how to use the assets and how to have them titled . Ideally, these questions would have been addressed prior to submitting any financial aid forms but unfortunately parents wait until just before a student is ready to step on campus to seek guidance. (For related reading, see: How to Pay for College Without Lots of Debt .) Lower Your Income to Skip Asset Reporting If you have students who are going to attend colleges that accept the FAFSA financial aid form , then you're only going to disclose your assets and income as the custodial parent. If you could manipulate your income to keep your adjusted gross income (AGI) below $50,000 then none of the assets would be counted. So if you received a large property settlement as part of the divorce, you may find that none of this is counted in financial aid by doing a little income and tax planning before the year of filing. Plan for Your Base Year Income Ideally this is done in the student's base year, which as of October 2016 will be the tax year two years before matriculating (or the year the student is a high school sophomore).

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